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Binio Hall (Trikoupi & Faonos) upper floor 


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Dept. of Social Anthropology and History University Hill  81100 Mytilini Greece



  •  SA-143: Anthropology and Material Culture

  •  SA-149: Anthropology of Food

  •  SA-144: Anthropology and Consumption

  •  SA-101: Introduction to Social Anthropology II

  • SA-140: History of Social Anthropology


Academic profile

Elia Petridou studied Business Administration at the Athens University of Economics and Business, specializing in the management of human resources. She pursued postgraduate studies in Social Anthropology at the University of the Aegean, the University of Edinburgh (M.Sc.) and the University College London (Ph.D.). In her doctoral thesis, she studied the relation between economy and culture by focusing on the commodity chain of dairy products in Greece (i.e. production, promotion, retailing and consumption). Over the last decade her research interests have expanded to include other areas of material culture such as museums and clothing.  Presently, she is conducting research on clothes, body and movement in Argentinian tango. She speaks fluently English, Spanish and German along with some basic knowledge of French.


Selected Publications

  • (forthcoming)  'What's in a place-name? Branding and labeling cheese in Greece'

           in  Food, Culture and Society

  • 2009  'Experiencing tango as it goes global: passion, ritual and play' in G. Klein (ed.)

           Tango in Translation: Tanz zwischen Medien, Kulturen, Kunst und Politik

           Bielefield: transcript Verlag

  • 2006  'Tyri kai Ethnos' (Cheese and nation) in  Ε. Papataxiarxhis (ed.) Peripeties tis Eterotitas

           (Adventures of Alterity) Athens: Alexandria (in Greek) 

  • 2005  'Au pays de la feta: negociation de la grecite dans le contexte europeen'

            in Ethnologie francaise (special issue), v.35:2,  pp. 255-265 (in French)

  • 2001  'The Taste of Home' in D. Miller (ed.) Home Possessions: Material Culture Βehind

            Closed Doors  London:Berg

  • 2000  'Images of progress: milk advertisements in Greece',  in H. Walker (ed.)

           Milk: Beyond the Dairy  London: Prospect Books